Delete year level

This tutorial is for Administrators

It’s a six-step process to delete a year level.

Before you start

Step one: view classes


  • Click Management > School > Classes.

Step two: filter classes by year level

  • Click Filter

  • Choose the year level.

  • Click Apply filter.

Step three: replace year level (optional)

Repeat these steps for all classes with a single year level.

  • Click > Edit on the class.

  • Click Year Levels

  • Click Add year levels

  • Tick one or more year levels.

  • Click Add Selected.

  • Click Go back to Modify Class.

Step four: delete additional year levels (optional)

Repeat these steps for each class with multiple year levels.

  • Click > Edit on the class.

  • Click Year Level.

  • Click Remove for the year level.

  • Click Remove on the confirmation message.

Step five: clear the filter

Clear the filter to display all classes.

  • Click Clear filter.

Step six: delete the year level

Deletion is permanent.

  • Click Management > School > Year Levels.

  • Click > Delete on the campus.

  • Click Delete on the confirmation message.

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