Upload student photos in bulk

This FAQ is for Administrators

You can upload multiple photos and have uEducateUs match them with with specific student accounts.

New files will replace any existing files.

The files must be:

  • gif, jpg/jpeg or png

  • less than 10MB

Before you start

Choose a file naming standard for the image files. You can use either:

  • student cases21 student ID (e.g., MLA0001)

  • student first and last name (e.g., miles larkin)

View all Students


  • Click Management > People > Students

Upload photos

You can upload photos with drag and drop or by:

  • Click Upload bulk student photos

  • Choose the naming standard:

    • Cases21 Student Id number

    • First name/Last name

  • Add your photos:

    • Drag and drop a folder containing all of the photos, or individual photos from your file browser, or

    • Click the blue panel then browse and select the photos to upload.

Photographs with a are named incorrectly and will not be imported.