New School Year Checklist - Government

New School Year Checklist - Government Schools

Your cases21 rollover process needs to have been completed.

Please see and follow the documentation provided by the department in relation to your cases21 requirements.

Increment student year levels
cases21 process to advance a students year level

Create new students
New school year enrolments

Set up new home groups
Students home group

Set up new classes
New school years classes

This process will update your schools uEducateUs system with the current cases21 data now that the rollover has occurred.

Set initial run to false
Press the  button located in the STATISTICS section.

Manually Import Cases21
Press the  button located in the FUNCTIONS section.

uEducateUs will now be updated with the latest student, staff and school information.

Updates made to cases21, including the rollover process can take up to 48hr before it is made available to the EduHub for import into uEducateUs.

School Preferences
Management > Advanced > School Preferences

Check to ensure your new school years semester and term dates are correct

Semester 1 Dates

Term 1 & 2 Start Date - Term 1 & 2 End Date

Semester 2 Dates

Term 3 & 4 Start Date - Term 3 & 4 End Date

Public Holidays
Check that the public holidays your school will be taking are listed and enabled

Public Holidays
Management > Advanced > School Preferences > Public Holidays

School Details
Overviews > School Details

School Details

School setup
A quick review of the following is required to ensure your new school year setup is ready to go.

Year Levels
Management > School > Year Levels

Management > School > Subjects

Setup your classes for the new year.

Enable Record Attendance for your classes that require it.
Management > School > Classes > Details

Check, allocate and set class teachers
Management > School > Classes > Teachers

Attach subjects to your classes
Management > School > Classes > Subjects

Tick all the periods requiring attendance rolls
Management > School > Classes > Timetable

Staff setup

Management > People > Teachers

Management > People > Teachers