Create a campus

This tutorial is for Principals

You can add new campuses using these steps.

Step one: view campuses


  • Click Management > School > Campuses.

Step two: create and name the campus

  • Click + Create Campus.

  • Enter the campus name.

Step three: choose type of campus

  • Choose the campus type:

    • Primary

    • Secondary

    • Pre-School

    • Kindergarten

Step four: assign principal and vice-principal

  • Choose the Principal and Vice-Principal of the new campus from a list of all enabled Administrators.

Step five: add location, and contact numbers

  • Enter the address and contact details.

  • Add an External Campus Number if available

Step six: add a Campus logo (optional)

Logo files should be square and <20MB

  • Click Choose File and browse your computer for a logo file.

Step seven: save and close

  • Click Save when finished.

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