Manage global notification preferences

This article is for Administrators

Notifications can be sent to users for the following internal events:

  • Absent Notes

  • Announcements

  • Attendance

  • Case Notes

  • Conversations

  • Enrolment

  • Events

  • Gallery

  • Incidents

  • Interviews

  • Medical

  • Newsletter

  • Notes

  • Permission Slips

  • Reader

  • Reports

  • Students

  • Timetable

Each user type has a subset of these notifications.

There are two notification methods:

  • via email

  • via push through the uEducateUs app when using a phone or tablet

    • The individual users may need to activate push notifications within your phone/mobile device application settings.

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View and edit global notification preferences

By default, these changes are only applied to new users. Existing user notification preferences are unchanged.

Repeat these steps for each user type; Teacher, Parent, Student or Administrator.

  • Click Management > Advanced > School Preferences.

  • Click Default user preferences.

  • Click each tab as required; Teacher, Parent, Student or Administrator.

  • Tick each notification type new users will receive.

  • To send notifications via email, click Yes for Would you like to be emailed…

  • To send notifications via Push in the uEducateUs App, click Yes for Would you like to receive a push notification…

  • Click Save when finished.

Edit user notification preferences

Administrators can change individual user notification preferences of the existing users in the system.

  • Click Management > People

  • Click the user type: Administrator, Teacher, Parent or Student

  • Click Edit user preferences for the user you wish to change

  • Tick each item to send notifications for or untick each item to stop notifications for

  • Select Yes or No to:

    • being emailed notifications

    • receiving Push notifications through the uEducateUs app

  • Click Save when finished.

Edit your own notification preferences

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