Manage user account for case workers assigned to students

This article is for Administrators

Administrators can create temporary accounts for case workers responsible for student care.

These are equivalent to a parent account and give access to the details of a specific student.

View Parents


  • Click Management > People > Parents

Creating case worker account

  • Click the green

  • Add identification details, set a password and a Kiosk Code (if required)

  • Click Save.

Linking student account to case worker account

  • Click Management > People > Parents > Edit parent account > Students

  • Click Students > Add Student

  • Search on student name and enter relationship (e.g., Case Worker)

  • Click Save.

Additional Steps

It may be necessary to revoke privileges to a student account for existing parent/guardian accounts.

Disable case worker account

A case worker account can be disabled when no longer required.

Take care to link the student account to an alternative parent account.

  • Click Management > People > Parents

  • Click > Disable.

  • Click Disable on the confirmation message.

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