Manage subjects

This article is for Administrators

Administrators can view, create, edit, disable and delete subjects for your school.

Before you start

View subjects


  • Click Management > School > Subjects

Filter subjects

Display a subset of subjects with the page filter.

  • Click Filter.

  • Choose the subject type or status.

  • Enter a subject name.

  • Click Apply filter.

  • Click Clear filter to restore the default view.

Create an F-10 subject

Create a Senior subject

Edit a subject

You can edit everything but the curriculum.

  • Click Manage > Schools > Subjects.

  • Click >Edit for the subject.

  • Make your changes.

  • Click Save.

Disable a subject

Disable a subject to prevent it being added to new or existing classes. Those classes with the subject are unchanged.

  • Click Manage > Schools > Subjects.

  • Click >Disable for the subject.

  • Click Disable on the confirmation.

Delete a subject

You must first remove a subject from all classes prior to deletion.

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