Manage Administrators

This article is for Administrators and Principals

Administrator accounts can be created to perform administrative functions for specific campuses, with selected privileges.

View Administrators

  • Click Management > People > Administrators

Filter administrators

You can view a subset of administrators with the page filter.

  • Click Filter.

  • Choose the status, or enter a name.

  • Click Apply filter.

  • Click Clear filter to restore the default view.

View and download administrator login details

  • Click >View login details

  • Click Download to copy to your computer.

Create an administrator

Edit an administrator

  • Click >Edit for the administrator.

  • Make your changes.

  • Click Save when finished.

Change administrator username

  • Click > Change Username.

  • Enter the new user name

  • Enter your password to confirm.

  • Click Save.

Change administrator password

  • Click >Change Password

  • Enter a new password or tick Generate random new password.

  • Enter your password to confirm.

  • Click Save.

Manage administrator campus

  • Click > Edit for the administrator.

  • Tick each campus the user is to administer.

  • Click Save when finished.

Manage administrator permissions

Change administrator notification preferences

Disable an administrator

You can disable all administrators except the principal.

  • Click > Disable for the administrator.

  • Click Disable on the confirmation message.

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