Evacuation Reports

This article is for Administrators and School Staff

This feature works best on a PC / Laptop / tablets

You can generate an Evacuation Report School staff can request an evacuation report to be generated in case of an emergency evacuation so you can:

  • mark students directly on the evacuation report, this will account for the student and allow other staff to see that the student is accounted for (Marked).

  • release students to parents/bus

  • filter you view to show only the students you need to mark and account for.

  • Print evacuation report.

  • Evacuation reports can only be marked on the day they have been created.

  • It is recommended that only one evacuation report is generated for a single day.

  • Only the current and previous attendance period is shown.

  • Attendance periods that have not started are not shown.

Generate Evacuation Report

  • Click Evacuation Report in the main menu

  • Click on the +Create button

  • Select your campus

  • Give your Evacuation Report a description (Optional)




Filtering your view

You can apply a filter to your view by pressing the Filter button.

The filter section allows you to filter by one or many of the following:

  • Student

  • Year Level

  • Class

  • House

  • Status

  • Staff Member

To apply your desired filter, press the Apply Filter button

Accounting for students

To account for a student, press the Mark button.

The report will be updated to show:

  • the name of the staff members who has accounted for the student

  • Time the student was accounted for.

If you have incorrectly accounted for a student, they can be unmarked by pressing Unmark

  • The staff member and time will be removed


The evacuation report will display multiple staff if a student has been marked by another staff member. Its possible that the student has moved areas or that they were instructed to go to their correct location to be accounted for.


Only the staff member that marked the student is able to unmark their record.

If another staff member has also accounted for a student, their record will be unaffected.

Advanced Filter Options

Accounting for students and seeing which students have not been accounted for can be obtained in multiple ways depending on the preference of the person marking the report.

Filter by Class and Status

The initial data view will be all of your class students that have not been accounted for.

Each time you mark a student, they will be removed from your view. Providing you a clean list of students that have not been accounted for as you go through the students assigned to your class.

If a student was accounted for by another staff member, they will not appear on your list.


Once complete, simply removing the Status Filter will return the entire class results.


Your filter settings are retained until you have been logged out of uEducateUs.

Navigating back to the evacuation report will show the last applied filter.

Press the Clear Filter button to return it back to a default state, showing all students.

Printing an evacuation report

Press the Print button to obtain a complete evacuation report.








Evacuation Report Content

The evacuation report generated is made up of the following content:






Surname, First name

Year Level

Students assigned year level

Last attendance period

Attendance flag when the period roll was marked

Current attendance period

Attendance flag when the period roll was marked

Mark button and drop menu

Unmark button if student is marked

Marks the student as accounted for.

Unmarks the student, making them unaccounted

Staff member

Staff members name that has accounted for the

Marked at

Time the staff member accounted for the student

Release at

Time the staff member released the student

Released to

Who the staff member released the student to

Attendance Flags

Attendance flags reported for each period are made up of the following icons:

  • Student has been marked with a Present attendance code

  • Student has been marked with a Late attendance code

  • Student has been marked with a Absent attendance code

  • Roll not marked / marked with a code that has no status