Allow users to chat with more people

This article is for Administrators

Administrators can change the default communication settings globally, or individually.

By default:

  • Administrators can communicate with all users

  • Teachers can communicate with students and their parents

  • Parents can communicate with student teachers, principal and administrators.

  • Students can communicate with class teachers.

Open uEducateUs


Change communication settings globally

Administrators can make these changes in Management > School Preferences:

  • Click Management > Advanced > School Preferences > Communication

  • Check each box to change the default settings for each user type under User types that can send conversations to each other

Change staff communication settings individually

Administrators can change staff communication settings under Management > People:

  • Click Management > People then choose Administrators or Teachers

  • Select the user and edit.

  • Check Can create conversations.

  • Check Can create conversations with all students and parents