Privileges > Create new Administrator from teacher account

This tutorial is for Administrators or Principals

You can create a separate Administrator account from any Teacher in uEducateUs.

This is required if:

  • the teacher is to become the new principal, or

  • the teacher is required to perform administrative duties at the school.

Step one: view teachers


  • click Management > People > Teachers

Step two: create new administrator account from teacher

  • Click > Create new administrator account… for the teacher account

Step three: add login credentials (optional)

Login credentials, the username and password, are automatically generated by the system but you can also change them if required.

  • Enter a unique username

  • Enter a password and confirm it.

Step four: enter Cases21 DFKEY Id (optional)

This step is optional and only required for government schools.

  • Enter teacher Cases21 ID.

Step five: update personal details

Personal details such as birth date, address, email and phone number are populated from the teacher record.

These can be modified for the Administrator as required.

Step six: add emergency contact

You can add one or more emergency contacts.

  • Click Add emergency contacts.

  • Enter the details.

  • Click Remove if required.

Step seven: choose campus

  • Tick each campus the administrator can access.

Step eight: choose permissions

Additional system-wide permissions can be enabled or disabled.

  • Tick each permission to enable.

Step nine: add digital signature

An image with the user signature can be added to the account. It must be < 20MB and 350x250px.




View Teachers

  • Click Management > People > Teachers

Create separate Administrator account from teacher

  • Click > Create administrator from teacher.

Add login credentials

  • Add a username and password

  • Confirm the password

Verify imported details

  • Verify the imported personal details

  • Add new details if required

Select campus & permissions

  • Tick each campus the user can administer.

  • Tick each permission the user will have (these can be altered later)

Save & Close

  • Click Create when finished.

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