End of year > Export attendance using Eduhub Desktop

This tutorial is for government school Administrators







The uEducateUs Eduhub Desktop application import shuts down in mid December each year.

Perform these steps to export attendance ready for Cases21 writeback.

Before you start


Important: You must perform the EduHub Sync before the Cases21 rollover.

Step one: Restart eduHub desktop

To avoid issues, it’s a good idea to restart the uEducateUs EduHub Desktop application.

  • Open uEducateUs EduHub Desktop.

  • Click Functions > Restart app.

Step two: Manually export attendance data

Export uEducateUs attendance data to the eduHub write-back folder where it will be imported by Cases21.

  • Click Functions > Manually export attendance.

Step three: Confirm success or failure

Once complete, you’ll receive two confirmations:

  • Attendance Export Success message in EduHub Desktop.

  • Email confirmation of EduHub writeback.

If either of these fail, please contact uEducateUs support.

Alternate step

Manually export attendance data and import to Cases21 after December 25 and before the commencement of the next school year.