End of year > verify attendance rolls are complete

This tutorial is for Administrators







Before performing end of year rollover steps, you must first verify attendance rolls are marked correctly.

Step one: view attendance

Your school will have policies in place to handle unmarked attendance rolls


  • Click Attendance > Mark Attendance.

Step two: view unmarked rolls

  • Click Filter.

  • Choose Unmarked from Status.

  • Click Apply Filter.

Step three: check attendance maintenance

Attendance marked outside student entry or exit dates is collected in the Attendance Maintenance page.

You should check Cases21 to verify student entry and exit dates before deleting.

  • Click Attendance > Maintenance.

  • Enter a student name and click Search to display a single student.

  • Tick each student name then Delete.

Step four: check unexplained absences

Students are listed name with the number of unexplained absences. Repeat these steps for each student.

  • Click Attendance > Unexplained absences.

  • Click View.

  • Select an absence code for each row.

  • Click Go back to…

Next step

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  • - perform up to December 25.

  • - perform after December 25 and beginning of school year.