Create F-10 subject

This tutorial is for Administrators

You can follow these steps to create a Foundation to Year 10 subject.

Step one: view subjects


  • Click Management > School > Subjects.

Step two: create subject

  • Click + Create Subject

  • Enter subject name.

Step three: choose curriculum

  • Choose Victorian Curriculum.

  • Choose the subject category.

  • Choose a subject colour to help differentiate them when adding to Classes.

Step four: setup semester report scoring (optional)

Follow these steps to score this subject in semester reports.

  • Click Yes for Allow curriculum scoring…

  • Click Create.

Step five: enable general comments

General comments can be entered by any class teacher as an overview of the student performance.

  • Tick General Subject Comment

Step six: setup semester report learning area comments (optional)

You’ll need to complete step seven if enabling learning area comments

  • Click Yes for Allow learning area comments…

Step seven: save and close

  • Click Create.

Step seven: enable learning area comments in semester report (required)

This step is required if you completed step six.

  • Click Reporting > F-10 > Management.

  • Click Semester Report.

  • Scroll to Subject comment types to allow for End of Semester Reports

  • Tick What student has achieved.

  • Click Save.

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