Create senior subject

This tutorial is for Administrators

You can create seniour subjects and setup semester reporting requirements.

Step one: view subjects


  • Click Management > School > Subjects.

Step two: create subject

  • Click + Create Subject

  • Enter subject name.

Step three: choose curriculum

  • Choose the curriculum:

    • VCE

    • VCAL

    • VET

    • Senior Australian Curriculum

  • Choose the subject category

  • Choose a subject colour to help highlight in the Diary.

  • Choose a chief examiner if required.

Step four: enable semester reporting (optional)

  • Assign a subject code

  • Choose the default reporting template

  • Choose the semester grading scheme

  • Describe the subject

Step five: enable grading schemes (optional)

Add a grading scheme for Outcomes and Learning tasks, with specific items for each.

  • Choose the grading scheme for Outcomes and Learning tasks

  • Click + and enter the name of an outcome or learning task.

Step seven: enable work habits (optional)

Work habits can be included for marking in a Semester report.

  • Tick the work habits to include:

    • Class behaviour

    • Effort

    • Work quality

    • Good under pressure

Step eight: save and close

  • Click Create when finished.

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