Include student lateness on semester reports

This FAQ is for Administrators

Administrators can configure reports to include the number of times students have been late to class. You can have the report calculate student absence by semester or year, and have the statistics display below teacher comments or curriculum/habit scores.

You can also edit the absence statements, and include the student name, percentage of time absent and other automatic fields.

Administrators will find these settings under Reporting Management:

  • Click Reporting > F-10 > Management

  • Check Semester Reports to enable student absences which displays additional settings.

You can accept the default arrangement of text for absence messages, or create your own by clicking the following in the editor - these fields will automatically fill from the student record:

  • Student’s name and preferred name

  • Personal Pronoun (he/she; his/her; himself/herself)

  • Days present or absent for selected semester or year

  • Percentage present or absent for selected semester or year

  • Late arrivals

  • Early departures

  • Date.

Enter your own text between these fields so the grammar is correct.

Student names and personal pronouns are drawn directly from the student’s Cases21 record.