View student semester report

This tutorial is for Parents and Students

Semester reports can be viewed by all users at any time with a uEducateUs account.

  • Students can login and view their semester report

  • Parents can login and view student reports for those children they are authorised to view

Custody or legal orders may prevent parents and guardians viewing specific student accounts.

Please contact your school if you believe this is in error.

Before you start

Step one: view list of reports


  • Click Reporting.

  • Click Current, Senior or Past depending on the report you want to view.

Step two: filter (optional)

View a subset of reports based on filter selections.

  • Click Filter and select the relevant semester and year

  • Click Apply filter.

  • Click Clear filter to restore the default view

Step three: view specific report

  • Click View on the report.

  • Make a selection from Viewing subject to view the overview, comments, and subjects.

Step four: download the report for printing (optional)

  • Click Print to download a copy of the report.