Curriculum scoring

This FAQ is for Administrators

Special circumstances score definitions are relevant to schools using the Victorian Curriculum.

They are found on the Victorian Department of Education website and included in Semester reports:

  • NT - Not Taught

  • DNP - Did Not Participate

    • DNP-EX - where EX represents “Exemption from a Curriculum Area”

    • DNP-LP - where LP represents “Low Participation”

    • DNP-LE where LE represents “Late Enrolment”

    • DNP-SI where SI represents “Serious Illness”

    • DNP-UN where UN represents “Absence without Reasonable Excuse”

Curriculum scoring can be enabled in individual subjects, and these scores will be included in Semester Reports.

View Subjects


  • Click Management > School > Subjects

Enable or disable curriculum scoring

  • Click > Edit for the subject.

  • Click Yes to enable curriculum scoring.

  • Click No to disable curriculum scoring.

  • Click Save when finished.

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