Manage student absence notes

This page is for Administrators and Teachers

Absence notes can be created on behalf of parents and guardians.

Before you start

Administrators can add absent notes and link them to codes in

View student absent notes


  • Click Attendance > Absent notes

Filter absent notes

Display a subset of absent notes.

  • Click Absent notes.

  • Click Filter and choose the type of absence.

  • Choose the dates of absence, or enter a date range; or

  • Enter the student name.

  • Click Apply Filter when finished.

  • Click Clear Filter to restore the default view.

View an absent note

  • Click View for the note.

Create absent note

Create an absent note for selected students.

  • Click Create absent note.

  • Enter one or more the student names.

Configure the note

  • Select the type of absence from the list.

  • Choose the attendance code for the student absence.

  • Choose start and end dates.

  • Choose periods

Add a comment

Add a comment if required

Save and close

  • Click Save.

Edit an absent note

  • Click > Edit for the note.

  • Make you changes.

  • Click Save.

Delete an absent note

Absent notes cannot be recovered once deleted.

  • Click > Delete for the note.

  • Click Delete on the confirmation message.

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