Manage Attendance

This article is for Administrators and Teachers

Teachers can mark their classroom attendance on any device, computer, tablet or mobile phone.

You can view marked and unmarked attendance, student absences, and generate attendance reports.

Before you start

View class attendance


  • Click Attendance

Change attendance field preferences

You can enable or disable attendance fields on different devices.

Mark attendance rolls

View or change marked attendance rolls

All attendance rolls are listed and can be reviewed or edited at any time.

  • Click Attenadance > Marked Attendance

  • Click Mark for the class.

  • Make your changes.

  • Click Mark Attendance.

Manage unmarked rolls

Manage student absences

You can view student absent notes, unexplained absences and explanations.

View attendance records for students or classes

You can view attendance records for individual students or whole classes.

Generate attendance reports

There are a number of reports you can view and generate.

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