Completing Semester 1 Reports in Semester 2

This article is for Teachers and Administrators.

Our system allows the editing and releasing of draft Semester 1 reports in Semester 2, allowing schools extra time to finalise their Semester 1 reports.

This feature is available to Semester 1 draft reports only and only in Semester 2 of the same year e.g. you can edit and release Semester 1 2021 reports in Semester 2 2021.

You cannot edit draft reports from Semester 2 2021 in Semester 1 2022, or draft Semester 1 2021 reports in Semester 1 2022.

We recommend that you do not make any changes to your report settings, classes, subjects or teacher allocations until you have completed your Semester 1 reports. Changes to any of the above will impact any Semester 1 Draft reports.

Viewing and Editing Past Reports:

  • Navigate to Reporting > F-10 > View Past Reports.

  • To view a report, click on a student report, making sure its status is set to Draft.

  • Click on the Edit button to the top right of the screen.

  • Navigate to the comments or scores that need editing and make changes.

  • Click Save once you have made the changes necessary, before you move to the next comment or score.

Approve and Release Past Reports:

  • Navigate to Reporting > F-10 > View Past Reports.

  • To approve all Draft reports, click the Approve Reports button.

  • To approve an individual Draft report, click the arrow next to the View button, then select Approve.

  • Past reports will be approved and released immediately.