Change comment author on Semester Reports

This FAQ is for Administrators

Administrators can use these steps to change the comment author in semester reports.

View semester reports


  • Click Reporting > F10 > Mark End of Semester Reports

Change existing comment to new teacher

This is a two-step process.

Cut the comment

First, remove the comment from the student report.

  • Click Mark student for the student report.

  • Click subject name.

  • Highlight entire comment.

  • Right-click and select Cut to add the comment to the computer clipboard.

  • Click Save.

Paste the comment

Now paste the comment under the correct name

  • Choose the correct teacher from Write Comments from Teacher.

  • Right-click the comment field and select Paste.

  • Click Save.

Change comment attribution in semester report

Semester report comments default to show the comment author.

Administrators can override this default and have comments appear under the Class Teacher name instead.

  • Click Reporting > F10 > Management > General.

  • Scroll to Display Class teacher(s) instead of author for general comments.

  • Click Yes

  • Click Save to finish.

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