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This article is for Administrators

The Conversation recipient privilege allows users to be sent conversation messages.

By default, all users are whitelisted. This means they can be sent communication messages from specific users.

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Blacklisting or revoking Conversation recipient means a user:

  • can send and receive messages in existing conversations they are already a member of

  • can create conversations and send messages to selected participants

  • cannot receive replies to a new conversation

  • cannot be included in a new conversation

View Conversation recipient blacklist


  • Click Communication > Conversations


  • Click the Communication Management button.

Revoke conversation recipient privilege

  • Enter the first three letters of a user name and select them, or

  • Enter the user type – Administrator, Teacher, Parent, Student – then select from the list.

  • Click Add selected users.

Grant conversation recipient privilege

You can whitelist any user in the blacklist.

  • Tick the user name

  • Click Remove selected users.

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