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This article is for Administrators

Each user type has default communication settings.

  • Administrator - can hold conversations will all user types.

  • Teacher - can hold conversations with administrators and the students & parents in their assigned classes.

  • Parent - can hold conversations with their child, their child’s class teachers and school administrators.

  • Student - can hold conversations with teachers and students in their assigned class.

Administrators can increase these privileges for members of each user type.

View communication privileges


  • Click Management > Advanced > School Preferences > Conversations.

Change conversation settings

These settings apply to all users in uEducateUs

  • Tick or untick the following for each user type:

    • Teachers

    • Parents

    • Students

    • Admins

  • Click Save when finished.

Change conversation privileges for an individual administrator or teacher

Administrators can change staff communication settings under Management > People:

  • Click Management > People

  • Choose Administrators or Teachers

  • Click > Edit on the user.

  • Tick Can create conversations.

  • Tick Can create conversations with all students and parents

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