Manage conversations

This article is for Administrators, Teachers, Parents, and Students

You can create SMS-style conversations and exchange messages with other uEducateUs users.

For security and privacy purposes, you have to be logged-into uEducateUs in the app or in a web browser.

By default:

The default settings for who each user type that can send conversations to is located in:

Management > Advanced > School Preferences > Conversations

View Conversations


From here, you can view conversations by:

  • Clicking on the conversation in the top bar, or

  • Click Communication > Conversations from the main menu.

Search conversations

Users can choose which conversations are displayed on the page.

  • Click Filter.

  • Enter the search criteria.

  • Click Apply Filter when done.

  • Click Clear Filter to return to the default view.

Create a conversation

  • Click Create.

  • Enter the Title of the Conversation.

  • Choose the conversation participants.

    • Type two or more characters in the Participants field and the system will search for the name.

    • Type Teacher to generate a list of your children’s teachers.

    • Type Admin to list the school Administrators.

  • Enter your message.

  • Click the Send button when ready.

Reply to everyone in a conversation

  • Click the conversation

  • Click Reply

  • Enter your message.

  • Click the Send button when ready.

Add attachments to a conversation

See if your file is larger than 20MB

Users can add up to five attachments to any conversation.

  • Create or Reply to a conversation

  • Click Add attachment and browse your computer to upload any required files.

    • Repeat this process as many times for attachments up to 20MB

    • Click X to remove an attachment added in error

  • Click the Send button when ready.

Delete a conversation

All deleted conversations are moved to the Deleted tab.

  • Click Communication > Conversations > Inbox.

  • Click View on the conversation to check the content.

  • Click Delete when you’re sure it’s the correct message.

Undelete a conversation

  • Click Communication > Conversations > Deleted

  • Tick the conversation.

  • Click Recycle.

Mark selected messages as read or unread

  • Click Communication > Conversations > Inbox.

  • Tick messages.

  • Click Mark as read.

  • Click Mark as unread.

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