Manage Interviews

This article is for Administrators

You can create two types of interview in the system:

  • Parent/Teacher interviews

  • User group interviews

Once published, interviews are accessible to teachers and parent/guardians.

Before you start

View Interviews


  • Click Events > Interviews

  • and Yes on the confirmation.

Create interview

This tutorial guides you through creating an interview, assigning classes, and optional steps.

Edit an interview

  • Click >Edit on an interview.

  • Make you changes.

  • Click Save Interview.

Publish an interview

Make the interview public for teachers and parent/guardians who can then book times.

  • Click >Publish on any unpublished interview.

  • Choose a date and time the interview will become public.

  • Click Publish.


Unpublish an interview

  • Click > Unpublish on any published interview.

  • Click Unpublish on the warning message.

You can generate two PDFs to download.

  • Click > Print by Timeslot; or

  • Click > Print by Class.

View cancelled bookings

You can view the details of cancelled bookings, including locations, times, parents and students.

  • Click > Cancelled bookings

  • Click View on each item in the list

Delete an interview

Remove all teachers and parent bookings from an interview.

  • Click > Delete.

  • Click Delete on the confirmation message.

Manage interview bookings

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