Manage user groups

This article is for Administrators and Teachers

Students, teachers and parents can only communicate directly if they are within the same class.

But there are situations where a wider communication between users is necessary, such as:

  • school fete organisation between administrators, parents and students

  • subject discussions between teachers

  • book groups, etc.

Administrators can select specific users and add them to a User Group to allow this kind of communication to take place.

Parents can only see details of students they are granted privileges to view.

View user groups


  • Click Communication>User Groups.

Create a user group

  • Click Create User Group.

  • Name the User Group.

  • Click Save when finished.

Duplicate a user group

  • Click > Create from user group.

  • Change the name and the description as required.

  • Click Save when finished.

Allow all teachers to use the user group

You can save time and make the user group accessible to all teachers.

  • Click > Edit for the group (if required)

  • Tick Public.

  • Tick Allow ALL teachers to use…

  • Click Save when finished.

Add or remove participants

Repeat these steps to add or remove participants.

  • Click > Edit for the group (if required)

  • Click the partipant type: Administrator, Teacher, Parent or Student.

  • Tick the particpant to add

  • Untick those to exclude.

  • Click Update Selected.

Edit a user group

  • Click > Edit for the group.

  • Make your changes.

  • Click Save when finished.

Delete a user group

  • Click > Delete for the group.

  • Click Delete on the confirmation message.

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