Mark multiple attendance rolls

This article is for Administrators

Administrators can mark multiple rolls with the same attendance code if required. This may happen if your school has had a Curriculum Day, or Sports day.

View Attendance


  • Click Attendance.

Mark multiple rolls

  • Click Mark Multiple Rolls.

  • Choose an appropriate attendance code.

Choose classes and dates

Select the classes to mark.

  • Choose Classes in Campuses and tick each required class; or

  • Choose Classes in Year Levels, the campus and tick year levels; or

  • Choose Classes, the campus, year level and classes.

  • Select a start and end date.

Remark students (optional)

Some students may have been marked. You can opt to remark their attendance with their class.

  • Tick Re-mark students…

  • Choose how to mark students with an existing absent note:

    • Ignore

    • Mark with code for absent note

    • Mark with code for class.

Mark rolls

When you’re sure everything is correctly setup, click Mark Rolls.

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