eduHub connector v2 > Troubleshooting

This article is for Administrators and the school’s IT expert

When trying to troubleshoot the uEducateUs eduHub connector, make sure to check the SESSION LOGS for any error messages that may help to solve this issue.

If you are still having issues after exhausting this document, you can contact the uEducateUs Support Team on 1300 833 500 or by email at .

Restarting the app

As a first step, try restarting the app before checking anything else. It is possible that restarting will solve the problem for you.

Make sure that you don’t need any of the SESSION LOGS , since they will be cleared once restarted.

Error message: The eduHub write-back directory does not exist

This error will appear when the attendance export function is run. If the connector detects that the write-back folder does not exist, this error will be returned.

  • This means that the eduHub write-back functionality has not been enabled for the school or that the folder path is incorrect. If it has not been enabled, the school will need to make a request to the DET Service Desk.

  • The connector will still work for the CASES21 import into uEducateUs as long as the eduHub directory exists.

Error message: File does not exist

This error will appear when running the CASES21 import function, and the file that is expected does not exist in the eduhub directory. There are various reasons why this error may appear:

  • The national school id may not of been set correctly, and therefore the app is not able to detect the existence of the file due to the name being different.

  • Incorrect file path provided.

    • If the file path was set before the school id was provided, it is possible that the path was changed when the school id was inputted.

  • For some reason, that particular file was not exported correctly via eduHub. This can occasionally happen with the MEDICAL CONDITIONS file. This is not an issue that we can resolve on our end.

Import/export just loads infinitely without crashing

There could be a number of causes for this:

  • The API key may be set incorrectly. If this happens, check where the API key was retrieved from. Any key not obtained from the School Preferences page will not work.

  • Make sure that the URL does not have a capital letter in it. We had a instance where the domain had been set as uEducateUs rather than ueducateus which caused it to just spin and never finish.

  • If there are proxy settings included, but it is not running on the server, then try deleting them, then restarting the app via the RESTART APP button. Make sure to copy them down so you can put them back in if required.

If the infinite loading is limited to the attendance export

  • If this is the first time that the export has been run since installing/updating the connector, restarting the connector via the RESTART APP button before attempting to export again can resolve this issue.
    (Attempting to close the app with the X button will only cause it to be minimised to the icon tray)

  • It is possible that the write permissions have not been set correctly for the /eduhub/write-back directory.

    • The user account that has installed the connector needs to have access to the Administrator network. It is also important that the correct permissions have been given on the following folders, where XXXX refers to the school’s four-digit school number:

      • \ XXXX AFS01\eduhub [READ]

      • \ XXXX AFS01\eduHub\write-back [READ-WRITE]

      • \ XXXX AFS01\eduHub\write-back\responses [READ]

    • To check whether the write permissions are set correctly, copy the folder path from the configuration page and locate the write-back directory. Try to create a new file or folder in the write-back directory. If unable to do so, then the current user does not have the write-back permissions on their account.

Additional information regarding granting these permissions can be found in the eduHub TSSP Guide which can be found on the eduSTAR Catalogue Resources Centre.

JavaScript error

Upon login into your PC or when opening the eduHub, you may be presented with the following error:

  • A JavaScript error occurred in the main process

This indicates that the configuration cached files have been changed, possibly by a windows update or your virus software.

To resolve this issues, complete the following steps:

  • Uninstall the uEducateUs eduHub connector

  • Navigate to C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming

    • username is the staff members PC account

    • You may need to show hidden files to locate this directory.

  • delete the uEducateUs EduHub Desktop folder located in the directory listed above.

  • Reinstall eduHub

  • Enter the eduHub settings applicable to your school.

Further information regarding setting up the uEducateUs eduHub connector can be found here