Rollover Checklist - Government Schools

This article is for: Administrators

Failure to complete all of the tasks in this checklist can result in:

  • incomplete attendance data being reported to the department

  • student reports not being released and their assessments not being imported into cases21

The uEducateUs eduHub connector will be disabled before the end of the school year to ensure no cases21 rollover will populate this years data.

Verify attendance records

Your school will have policies in place to handle unmarked attendance rolls

The Mark Attendance page has no attendance rolls outstanding
Attendance > Mark Attendance

The Unmarked Attendance page has no unmarked records
Attendance > Unmarked Records

There are no Attendance Maintenance records reported.
Attendance > Maintenance

Check students Unexplained Absences
Attendance > Unexplained

Note: Depending on screen resolution, some items may be under the More tab

Semester Reports

Ensure that all student semester reports show the Approved and Released status

Semester reports have been approved and released
Reporting > F-10 > View Reports

Semester 2 scores have been imported into cases21
Reporting > F-10 > Export Reporting Data

Exporting Attendance

Follow the guidelines set out by the department.

Manually import attendance data into cases21

Export your Attendance Data
Attendance > Export

Export attendance using the uEducateUs eduHub Connector

Manually Export Attendance
Functions > Manually Export Attendance

If you require any assistance, call the Support Team on 1300 833 500