Create conversation with students and/or parents & guardians

This article is for Administrators and Teachers

Administrators and Teachers can send messages to a student's parents/guardians just by entering the student’s name.

View Conversations


From here, you can view conversations by:

  • Clicking on the conversation in the top bar, or

  • Click Communication > Conversations from the main menu.

Start a conversation with students and/or their parents/guardians

Use these steps if you don’t know a parent name.

  • Click Communication > Conversations > Inbox.

  • Click Create.

  • Add a title.

  • Enter the first 3 letters of each student name and select from the list.

Send to parents

Choose to include parents in a conversation with students, or send only to a parent.

  • Click Additionally to parents… to send to both students and parents.

  • Click To parents of selected students… to send only to parents.

Write message and send

  • Write your message.

  • Click Send.

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