Manage Newsletters

This article is for Administrators and Teachers

Schools can distribute their newsletters via uEducateUs Newsletters. These are one-way messages to specific recipients which can include an attached PDF file up to 20MB in size.

View newsletters


  • Click Communication > Newsletters

View specific newsletters

You can search for newsletters by filtering the results on the page. You can use one or all the fields.

  • Click Filter, then your criteria:

    • Newsletter title

    • Campus, Year level or class

  • Click Apply Filter when finished.

  • Click No filter to return to the default view.

Create newsletter

  • Click

  • Enter a title.

  • Enter a short summary.

Attach a file

You can add a single file to a Newsletter, up to 20MB in size.

  • Click Add attachment and browse your computer for your PDF

  • Click to remove an attachment added in error.

Select recipients

Send your newsletter to the whole school, a selected campus, year level or class.

  • Click the Audience field, then choose:

    • Everyone for the whole school

    • Campus, then tick one or more campuses

    • Year level, then tick the appropriate options.

    • Class, then tick the correct class.

Save and close

  • Click Save to send the newsletter to all recipients.

Edit a newsletter

You can edit a sent newsletter and notify recipients it’s been updated.

  • Click > Edit on the newsletter.

  • Change the title, description and the attachment if required.

  • Tick Notify audience… to send an update notification to all recipients.

  • Click Save to update the newsletter.

Delete a newsletter

Take care as there is no way to recover a deleted newsletter.

  • Click > Delete.

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