Rollover Checklist - Private Schools

This article is for:

  • Private (non Government) schools

  • Administrators

Failure to complete all of the tasks in this checklist can result in:

  • Students not advancing a year level

  • Next years enrolments incorrectly advancing a year level

  • Students and their parents completing their final year not being disabled

Verify attendance records

Your school will have policies in place to handle unmarked attendance rolls

The Mark Attendance page has no attendance rolls outstanding
Attendance > Mark Attendance

The Unmarked Attendance page has no unmarked records
Attendance > Unmarked Records

There are no Attendance Maintenance records reported.
Attendance > Maintenance

Check students Unexplained Absences
Attendance > Unexplained

Note: Depending on screen resolution, some items may be under the More tab

Semester Reports

Ensure that all student semester reports show the Approved and Released status

Semester reports have been approved and released
Reporting > F-10 > View Current Reports

End of year rollover

The Rollover Process is to advance all of the appropriate students to the next year level.

The process can be run at the end of the current, or at the start of the new year, but must only be run once.

The students that you enter during this process will not be advanced to the next year level.
(i.e.: they will remain in the year level they are currently in).

All students that are currently in Year 6 will be disabled
(unless you have listed them below, in which case they will remain in Year 6).

The process ignores all students that are disabled within the uEducateUs system.

End of year rollover

Collect a list of students who are to remain in the current year level.
(These students will need to be included in the following process)

Collect a list of students approved for enrollment in the new year.
(This only applies if the students enrolment has been fully approved and can be found under:
Management > People > Students)

Add all the students collected in the previous two steps in New Year Rollover
Management > Advanced > New Year Rollover

Confirm that all the information provided is correct prior to proceeding.
This process can only be run once. Do not proceed until you are ready to.


If you require any assistance, call the Support Team on 1300 833 500