Kiosk - iPad Network Connection Troubleshooting

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iPad introduction

The uEducateUs Kiosk requires an iPad with iOS 7.1 or later and operates in both portrait and landscape mode. 

Below is what a basic iPad home screen looks like along with the button locations when it's in a landscape orientation:

iPad features you need to know

Home Button

Centred on the right face of the iPad when in landscape orientation. The Home button has the following functions:

  • Single pressing this button will return you to the iPad's Home Screen.

  • Double pressing this button will display all currently running applications.

Silent Toggle switch

  • Depending on your iPad settings, the screen rotation or rotation lock may be assigned to this button.  If your screen fails to rotate as expected, you may be required to check the switch location or setting.


Your iPad will only ever have a single instance of the Kiosk app running.

By pressing the Kiosk app icon when you are on the Home screen, you will be taken back to the already running instance of the Kiosk application. A new instance of the app will only open when there are no instances of the Kiosk already running on the iPad.

Open Apps View

When double pressing the Home Button, all currently running applications are listed. Here you have the the following options:  

  • Tap on any listed application to be taken to it, similar to pressing the app icon of an already open app.

  • Tap hold and swipe up on any listed application will close that application.  This is especially effective if an app has become unresponsive or misbehaving.
    Once the kiosk application is closed, you can open up a new, fresh instance by tapping the Kiosk app icon on the Home screen:

Kiosk Troubleshooting

No internet connection

There may be an occasion where the No internet connection screen will be displayed.  This screen is a result of the iPad not having an established connection to the internet when an action was taken.  It is possible that the internet connection has been re-established since the last action so to check and attempt to resolve this issue, we begin with tapping the Retry Connection button (note that when the iPad is in landscape mode, this button will only be partially visible):

If successful, you will be taken back to the Kiosk Main Menu. 

If there is no internet connection present, the following iPad error will be displayed:

Further troubleshooting will be required to ascertain whether or not your iPad is actually connected to the internet.

Checking whether or not your iPad has an internet connection

If you are not on the iPad's home page, press the iPad's Home Button once. 

You should be taken from the No Internet Connection screen to the iPad's home screen. 

If not, single press the Home Button again.

From the home screen, we will need to check to see if any other apps on the iPad are able to connect to the internet. I.e.: if there is internet to another application, then the Kiosk application will need to be reset.

You have the option to check any app you are familiar with, however we will take you through the process of checking the internet connection via Apple's own Safari web browser, as this application is on all iPads. Checking Safari app internet connection.

From the home screen, tap the Safari icon. This will open the Safari web browser:

If a home page has already been set up, simply press the refresh page icon  located in the address bar:

If no address is present, enter an address of your choice (for example:

There will be two possible outcomes…

  1. The page will will load and the google search prompt will be displayed.

  2. The page will not load, and an error will be displayed:

If the result is No.1: proceed to follow the directions below and restart the Kiosk application.

If the result is No. 2: it is likely that either the WiFi network is unavailable or that there is a network issue that will need to be investigated by your school’s IT support person.


Restart the Kiosk Application

To restart the Kiosk app, simply double press the Home button on the iPad to list all of the open applications.

Locate the Kiosk application and Tap hold and swipe up and it will disappear, closing the application.

You can now easily open a new instance of the Kiosk by tapping the Kiosk app icon from the shortcut list:

The Kiosk App will go through its start up process and load to the Main menu. 

Note: The Kiosk application registers the iPad device id upon its first successful login.  Please give the device 5-10 seconds for the iPad to pass its authentication process back to uEducateUs. It will then automatically login to the main menu.

If the iPad remains on the Login screen after this time, please enter a current uEducateUs Administrator login to be taken to the main menu.

If issues persist with the Kiosk, the next option is to perform an iPad reboot.

Reboot iPad

To perform a iPad reboot, you will need to hold the Sleep/Wake button for about 4-5 seconds.

The iPad display will ask you to slide to power off.

Slide the red power icon to the right to shut down the iPad.

Once powered down, press and hold the Sleep/Wake button again to turn on the device.

Open the Kiosk app and check it is operating as expected. 

If at this stage the Kiosk remains inoperable, the final option is to uninstall the Kiosk app and reinstall it.

Deleting and installing the Kiosk app.

To uninstall the Kiosk you need to need to hold your finger on the Kiosk app icon.  

After about 2 seconds, the app will begin to wiggle and an X will be displayed at the top left of the icon:

By tapping on the X the iPad will provide you the following prompt to confirm you wish to delete the Kiosk app:

Tap Delete to proceed with removing the Kiosk app from the iPad.

A reboot of the iPad is recommended at this stage. 

Once complete, open the apple app store by tapping the app store icon, seen here and searching for the uEducateUs Kiosk application:

Contact uEducateUs Support

If you continue to experience problems with the Kiosk, please click here contact the uEducateUs support team as we may need to further investigate your specific issue.