View Parent kiosk codes

This FAQ is for Administrators

Kiosk codes are used by parents when picking up or dropping off their children. The Kiosk integrates with the attendance system so the school knows if a student is on campus.

Administrators can view and download the full list of parent Kiosk codes for easy reference.

This list can be useful in the following situations:





A parent has forgotten their code or doesn’t know where to find it.

The office staff can scan the list and provide the kiosk code there and then.

A parent attempts to pick up their child, but the student record is not available to their uEducateUs account.

Office staff can check the list and see all students the parent is authorised to see.

*Children not on the list may be subject to custody arrangements or court orders.

Open Data Lists


  • Click Management > Data Lists

View parent kiosk codes

  • Click Parent Kiosk Login Codes.

  • Click View to see the list on the page, or Download to get a printable PDF.

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