Kiosk guide for parents

This article is for Parents

What is the Kiosk?

The uEducateUs Kiosk is a handy tool that allows parents to log their student’s arrivals and departures via a fixed iPad station located within school grounds. When a parent drops off or picks up a student using the kiosk, any attendance rolls corresponding to that student will have their attendance codes updated depending on the time that the drop off or pick up occurred.

To comply with the Victorian Education Departments stringent security guidelines, you cannot drop off or pickup students that you have not been authorised to within the uEducateUs system. In this scenario, you will need to talk to a school admin person when dropping off or collecting the students.

To do this, a parent needs their own unique Kiosk login code.

Learn how to:

  • View and change your Kiosk login code.

  • Pickup and drop off students you are linked to, via the Kiosk application.

View your Kiosk login code

You’ll need to login to uEducateUs on your phone or on a computer to perform these steps.

  • Click My Profile > My Kiosk login code

Change your Kiosk login code

The system will warn you if you enter an existing login code.

  • Click Edit my kiosk login code.

  • Enter your new code, up to 20 characters including numbers, letters and symbols on your keyboard.

  • Click Save.

You’ll see a confirmation message if the update is successful.

Drop Off students using the Kiosk

Find the Kiosk and follow these steps.

Tap Drop Off Students.


Tap Kiosk login code and enter your code.

Tap the box beside the student to drop off.

  • Tap FINISH

If successful, the Kiosk displays a green confirmation message.

Pick Up students

  • Tap Pick Up Students.

  • Enter your Kiosk login code.

  • Tap the student to pick up.

  • Tap FINISH.

If successful, the Kiosk displays a green confirmation message.