Tasks Video Tutorial

This article is for Administrators and Teachers

This tutorial is also available in the Help & Resources section of the uEducateus system if you would like to refer to the tutorial as you access the Tasks section of the system.

Tasks for On-site and Remote Curriculum

Video timestamps

0:00 - Introduction to the Tasks module.

0:32 - Types of Tasks
Covers the different types of tasks and how to create them.

8:07 - Create a Quiz
Covers the versatility of quizzes and how to create them.

16:07 - Students view
Viewing, completing and submitting their tasks.

20:05 - Parents view
Viewing your child’s tasks and approving them when required.

22:31 - Teachers view
Viewing, creating, grading and re-issuing tasks.

27:41 - User Groups
Using User Groups to distribute Tasks to students. User Groups is a part of the Communications module.