Complete homework and other tasks

This article is for Students

This article will provide a walk through for Students on how to:

  • Access work that has been assigned to them.

  • Hand in their work.

Find your tasks

  • Click Curriculum>Tasks from the main menu.

  • There are two sections in this screen:

    • Last 5 Task Results, which displays the last five tasks that have been marked by a Teacher, and what grades have been received.

    • Below this will be a list of tasks that have not had work handed in and those that have not yet been graded.

  • Last 5 Task Results:

    • There is a View Class Averages button which will display the average grade the class achieved for each Task.

    • Click the All Results button to view all Tasks that have been handed in and graded, and what grade has been achieved.

    • Click the View button for each Task listed to see the description of the Task, the grade and feedback given, and the work handed in.

  • Current Tasks:

    • The Tasks in this section are sorted by their Status in the order below:

      • Current, which is a Task that is not yet due and has not had work handed in.

      • Overdue, which is a Task whose due date has passed with no work handed in.

      • Handed in, which is a Task that has work submitted for it but has not yet been graded by the Teacher.

      • Graded, which is a completed Task which has been graded by the Teacher.

Handing in Tasks

  • Click the View button next to a Current Task.

    • Depending on the Teacher’s wishes, work can be handed in for some Overdue Tasks.

  • Read through the Description of the Task, which will have your instructions for the work to complete.

    • Supporting documents will be listed under the Attachments section if included, and will have a Download button underneath each of them.

  • Detail the work completed in the Understanding Notes section.

    • You may have the option to upload documents of your work by clicking on the Choose File button in the Task Files section.

      • If more than one document of work needs to be submitted, click the Add More button to upload more files.

  • Once all work has been completed and/or attached, click the Hand In button.

  • The Status of the Task will now be changed to Handed In.

    • When clicking on View for this Task in the future, a Submitted date will be added showing the date and time the work was handed in.


  • Notifications will be sent at the following times:

    • When a Teacher creates a new Task.

    • When a Teacher has graded a Task that has been handed in.

    • When a Task becomes overdue.

  • To view a Notification:

    • Click the Notification (world) icon at the top of the screen, next to the login name.

    • The most recent Notifications will be displayed in a drop list.

      • Click on a Notification to be taken to the Task specified within it.

      • Clicking on a Notification will mark it as read.

    • Click the View All Notifications button to view all read and unread notifications.