Add a book to the reader

This article is for Students

This article will guide Students through how to access the Reader module and create entries to record what they have been reading.

Accessing the Reader Module and Creating Entries

  • Navigate to Curriculum>Reader.

  • By default you will view the Reader tab, which is where you can view your previous entries and create new ones.

  • To create a new Reader entry, fill in the following fields in an empty entry highlighted in green:

    • Book Title, which is a required field.

    • Student Comments, which is an optional field and would include any thoughts you have on the book.

    • Time Spent, which is a required field if the Pages Read field remains empty. Depending on your school’s settings, you will need to specify the hours/minutes spent reading in this session, or the days spent reading this particular book.

    • Pages Read, which is a required field if the Time Spent field remains empty. You are able to enter a page range (e.g. page 1 to 20) to specify how many pages you read in this reading session.

    • Rating, which is a required field. You can rate the book you are reading out of 5 stars depending on how you personally found the book.

    • Book Level, which is a required field. Your Teacher will let you know which level to choose for the book you are reading.

    • Click on Save once you have completed your entry.

  • Once an Entry is created and saved, it will be highlighted in yellow and will display the Awaiting Sign Off status meaning it is waiting for your Parent or Teacher to check it.

    • You are able to edit entries in this state if you wish.

  • Once your Parent or Teacher has signed off on your Entry, the status will change to either Parent Acknowledgement or Teacher Acknowledgement, along with the name of the person who signed off on the Entry.

    • You are able to edit entries that have already received an Acknowledgement, however it will revert back to Awaiting Sign Off.

If you wish to see all the books you have read:

  • Select the Summary tab

  • The Summary tab will display the following information:

    • The Title of each book you have entered.

    • The date and time you Last Read each book.

    • The total Time Spent on each book.