Generate parent login information

This article is for Administrators

Administrators can generate introduction letters to email to parents which include information on the uEducateUs system and login activity.

Letters are generated as PDF files.

There are two types of letter:

Parent Letter

Conditions to generate


  • Parent has never logged in

  • Parent has access to one or more enabled students.

  • Parent has never been sent a welcome letter


  • Parents who have never logged in


In addition, you can also generate a list pf parent and guardian user names and passwords.

View Parent Letter Management


  • Click Management > Advanced > Parent Letters.

  • Click the Welcome or Activity tabs.

Information available on page

The following is available on the page:

  • How many parents are eligible for a welcome/activity letter

  • Who existing letters were generated by

  • When the letter was sent to parents

  • When a letter was generated

  • The campus and year levels included in a generated letter.

Filter page results

You can display a subset of results using the page filter.

  • Click Filter.

  • Choose one or more filter criteria:

    • Created

    • Campus

    • Date sent out to parents

    • Year level

    • Search by who created the parent letter

    • Search on who the letter was sent to.

  • Click Search when finished.

  • Click No filter to restore the default view.

Generate letters

Add a timestamp to generated letters

It’s useful to add a timestamp to a letter so you know the last time it was generated.

  • Click > Mark letter as sent for the selected letter.

Send letters by email

You can send a generated letter by email.

  • Click >Send by email

Delete letters

Deletion is permanent

  • Click > Delete

Enable or disable letters

You can enable or disable letters system wide.

  • Click Management > Advanced > School Administration > Parent Letters

  • Tick to enable Welcome letters or Inactivity letters.

  • Untick to disable Welcome letters or Inactivity letters

  • Click Save

Set inactive day threshold

By default an account is marked “inactive” after 30 days. You can change this to a different value.

  • Click Management > Advanced > School Administration > Parent Letters

  • Enter a number >10 for How many days can a parent go without logging in

  • Click Save.

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