Privileges > Manage Case Note Categories to other Administrators

This article is for Principals and Vice-Principals

The Manage Case Note Categories privilege allows Administrators to View, Create, Edit and Delete case note categories.

This privilege is automatically granted to a Principal or Vice Principal when using their Administrator login credentials.

Follow these steps to grant the privilege to other Administrators.

View Case Notes


  • Click Well-Being > Case Notes


Enable Multiple Case Notes

You can enable the option to create multiple case notes.

  • Click Manage Permissions.

  • Tick, Users can access the create multiple case notes page

The Multiple Case Notes option will now be available

Grant privileges to manage Case Note categories

Grant privileges to Administrators so they can manage Case Note categories.

  • Click Manage Permissions.

  • For each Administrator, click the slider to:

    • Yes to grant privileges to manage case note categories

    • No to revoke privileges to manage case note categories

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