F-10 > Create Progress Report

This tutorial is for Administrators and Teachers

Follow these instructions to create a progress report, insert sample comments, add attachments and select work habits.

Step one: view progress reports


  • Click Reporting > F-10 > Create Progress Report

Step two: view student progress reports

View all progress reports for a selected student

  • Choose the class

  • Click Mark Student

Step three: write progress report

  • Click Write comment.

  • Choose the subject and date.

  • Select the performance type.

  • Write any comments.

Step four: insert sample comments (optional)

Sample comments are created by the administrator and insert useful information which automatically inserts the student name, pronouns and other information. You can edit these comments if required.

  • Click in the text where you want to insert the comment.

  • Select the comment.

  • Make your changs.

Step five: add attachments (optional)

You can insert attachments up to 20MB in size.

  • Click Choose file.

  • Browse your computer for the file and select it.

  • Click Add more if additional files are required.

  • Click Delete to remove an attachment.

Step six: select work habits (optional)

  • Choose an appropriate setting for each work habit.

Step seven: save and close

  • Click Save when finished.

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