Changes to 1st Semester 2020 Reports

This article is for Administrators

This article expired at the end of 1st semester 2020
- But will be left in the Knowledge Base for reference.

Department of Education and Training requirements for Semester 1 2020 Student Reports

Due to the impacts and disruptions to schools caused by COVID-19, there have been a change to Semester Report requirements per the Department’s Learning from Home webpage.

The uEducateUs system has built-in customisation options that will make fulfilling these new requirements possible.

The main differences that will be addressed here are as follows:

  • The requirement to describe the areas of the Victorian Curriculum F-10 taught via adding Subject Descriptors.

  • Editing the General Comments formatting in order to incorporate a comment on how each student has adjusted to the remote and flexible learning environment.

  • Turning off curriculum scoring via editing Subjects, as this is optional for Semester 1 2020.

Adding Subject Descriptors

Subject Descriptors allow schools to add an overview comment for subjects taught, which will be added to the Semester Reports of each student who has taken the subject:

  • Multiple Subject Descriptors can be set up per year level range for a single subject.

  • Subject Descriptors are only displayed for the current semester’s reports; those that are created during this semester will not appear on next semester’s reports.

  • Navigate to Reporting > F-10 > Subject Descriptors.

  • Click the Create button.

  • Select the relevant Subject from the drop-list.

    • Only Subjects that are present in Management > School > Subjects will be present to choose from this drop-list.

  • Choose the Year Level(s) for which this Subject Descriptor comment will appear.

  • Enter your desired text in the Description field.

  • Click Create.

Setting up General Comments for Semester Reports

The General Comments are designed to provide an overview of a student’s performance throughout the semester.

  • Any changes made will carry over to future semesters until these settings are edited again.

  • Navigate to Reporting > F-10 > Management.

  • Click the Semester Report tab.

  • Scroll to the General comment types to allow for End of Semester Reports option.

  • Choose the general comment types to be included in Semester Reports from the following:

    • General Comment

    • General Student Achievement

    • General Areas For Improvement/Future Learning

    • What The School Can Do To Support Student In Learning

    • What Parents Can Do At Home To Help Their Child's Progress

  • If a general comment type is chosen, teachers will be able to add a performance overview comment under these headings.

Editing Curriculum Scoring for Subjects

Semester Report scoring is managed via each individual subject:

  • Curriculum Scoring will need to be turned off for each subject where all students taking the subject will not be scored.

  • If some students are to be scored for a subject and some are not, do not follow the below instructions and instead mark any students not taking the subject with NT (not taught) in Mark End of Semester Reports.

  • Any changes made will carry over to future semesters until these settings are edited again.

  • Navigate to Management > School > Subjects.

  • Click the arrow next to the View button, then click Edit.

  • Click No for the Allow curriculum scoring for semester reports option to turn off curriculum scoring.

  • Untick any Work Habits that students will not be scored upon for this subject.

  • Click Save.

  • Repeat for any other subjects as required.