Check your child's reader books

This article is for Parents

The Reader module allows Students to record their reading sessions, which Parents are able to view and approve.

Accessing the Reader Module and Checking Entries

  • Navigate to Curriculum>Reader.

  • If you have more than one child, each of them will be listed in this screen. Click on the View Child’s Reader button to view their entries.

  • Individual entries are displayed in the Reader tab.

    • New entries which have not been signed off by a Parent, Teacher or Student will be in an Awaiting Sign Off state, and are highlighted in yellow:

      • In this state, you are able to edit any details of the entry.

      • To approve the Reader entry and sign off, click the Save button.

      • Once the entry is saved, it can be edited again by clicking the Edit button however it will revert back to the Awaiting Sign Off state.

    • Entries that have been signed off by a Parent, Teacher or Administrator will be highlighted in green.

      • The entry will list the name of the Parent, Teacher or Administrator who signed it off.

    • You are able to create entries on your child’s behalf, which will automatically be signed off by you upon completion.

  • The Summary tab lists the books read by the Student, the time spent reading per each book, and when the book was last read.