Exporting semester report scores from Cases21

This article is for: Administrators

The procedure for exporting data from Cases21 is described below:

  1. Use the “Worksheet” function in Cases21
    This is found in:

    • Utilities / MAZE / View and Report Data / Worksheet

    • Then choose Display SQL Table

  2. From the Worksheet window that appears on screen, click the large SQL button at the top as highlighted here:

    The following screen will appear:
    Note: The last ran query may be present

  3. Clear any existing text found in the text area and enter or paste in you new query and press the Apply button.

  4. The SQL window should have disappeared, and then Worksheet should now be populated with data.

    Select all the data by clicking the top left corner box

  5. Now with the data selected, export the data to excel by clicking the “Export to Excel” button.

  6. Once the export has completed, navigate to the new Excel page that contains the data and save the file as a CSV (Comma delimited) (*.csv)


If you get stuck on a particular step while importing or exporting the new school years’ data into uEducateUs, please call 1300 883 500 and one of our friendly support staff will be happy to assist you.