Permission slip > parental consent

This tutorial is for Parents.

A permission slip outlines the full details of a single or multi-day event your child has been invited to.

When you receive a permission slip, you can:

  • view event details

  • view pickup, drop-off and event locations (where relevant)

  • download file attachments (if included)

  • view costs (if included)

  • add an emergency contact

  • add comments

  • authorise medical interventions on your behalf

  • accept or reject permission (if enabled).

Step one: view a permission slip

View a permission slip to learn about what’s involved, dates, times, what your child needs to bring and where they’re going.


  • Click Permission slips.

  • Click View on the permission slip.

Contact your school if medical conditions need to be updated.

Step two: pay any costs

You must contact your school directly to make partial or full payments.

Step three: authorise medical intervention (required)

Authorise the teacher in charge to consent to medical interventions on your behalf if you cannot be contacted.

  • Click Yes to authorise consent.

  • Click No to reject consent.

Step four: add emergency contact (optional)

  • Click Edit for the Student emergency contact.

  • Enter their first and last name.

  • Enter their phone number.

  • Click Save.

Step five: download files (optional)

A permission slip may contain reference files you can download and view.

  • Click Files.

  • Click Download on any file listed.

Step six: add comments (optional)

You can add any comments to the permission slip that you think are important.

  • Click Comments then enter the information.

Step seven: accept or decline permission (required)

Contact your school if this option is not available.

  • Scroll to the bottom of the page.

  • Click Accept or Decline.