Manage Permission Slip settings

This article is for Administrators

Administrators can configure the settings that apply to all Permission Slips.

View Permission Slip settings


  • Click Management > Advanced > School Preferences > Permission Slips.

Creating permission slips

These settings apply when creating permission slips.

Enable or disable available tabs

Additional tabs can be made available to different permission slip events.

  • Tick to enable available tabs for the following permission slip types.


Used in


Used in

  • Student requirements

  • Costs

  • Files

  • Notices

  • Single-day events

  • Multi-day events

  • Locations

  • Maps

  • Equipment

  • Single day events

  • Multi day events

  • Click Save when finished.

Approve permission slips

By default, permission slips can only be approved by the head administrator or the principal.

You can grant this privilege to selected Administrators and teachers.

  • Click Management > Advanced > School Preferences > Permission Slips

  • Untick all options under Creating a new permission slip event.

  • Click Save when finished.

Allow your users to choose if parental consent is optional or required.

  • Click Management > Advanced > School Preferences > Permission Slips

  • Tick Allow permission slip events to be created without requiring parent approval for the student to participate.

  • Click Save when finished.

Emergency contacts

Display Parent and emergency contacts on printed consent forms

  • Click Management > Advanced > School Preferences > Permission Slips.

  • Tick Display the parent and emergency contact details.

  • Click Save.

Disable Payment Status

You can disable the payment status information that is visible to Parents, Teachers and Administrators

  • Click Management > Advanced > School Preferences > Permission Slips.

  • Untick Display Payment Status on permission slip tables and forms

Write and display school permission slip policy

You can create a permission slip policy and have it display on each consent form viewed by a parent/guardian.

  • Click Management > Advanced > School Preferences > Permission Slips.

  • Tick School policy details

  • Tick Highlight colour to make the policy stand out.

  • Write your school policy.

  • Click Save when finished.

Additional school policy information

Originally designed to include your schools covid-19 contact tracing information on your permission slips. You can customise this area to provide general information that needs to be relayed to parents on every permission slip.

  • Heading (Will be displayed in bold)

  • Content (Maximum 2000 Characters)

Once your permission slip has been published, the content enabled at that time will remain with the published event.

Changes to this area will only apply to unreleased or newly created permission slips.

Contact Tracing Policy

Some excursion venues are required to collect contact details and are responsible for managing record keeping for contact-tracing in line with current public health directives.

Most venues are required to use electronic record keeping that connects with an Application Programming Interface (API) linked provider or a digital system provided by Services Victoria.

The Department of Health has strongly recommended that a contact number for each individual student is provided. A school phone number along is not considered sufficient. Providing contact details for individual students will expedite contact tracing so that individuals can be contacted by the Department of Health if required.

Parents / carers / guardians are advised that, when required, the school will be providing excursion venues with contact details for students. The phone number on school file for the student will be provided as the nominated contact number.

Venues will be collecting students names and contact phone numbers for a legitimate purpose and are subject to Victorian privacy laws so will handle the information securely and only retain it for the required 28-day period.

Manage permission slip equipment

Change medical conditions

Medical conditions are listed in the Permission Slip when viewed by parents.

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