Manage my uEducateUs app PIN

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If you’ve installed the uEducateUs app, you can set a four-digit PIN for faster login.

This PIN only works on the uEducateUs app.

Before you start

Set my PIN for the first time

Perform these steps in the uEducateUs app.

View my profile

  • Click My Profile

Change my PIN

  • Click Pin Login.

  • Click Set PIN for this device.

  • Enter your four-digit PIN and confirm it.

  • Enter your uEducateUs password.

  • Tap Save when finished.

Reset all PINs

Your school Administrator or Principal must grant before you can perform these steps.

For security reasons, you can only reset all PINs on all your devices. Once complete, you can login to the uEducateUs app and set a new PIN.

View my profile

Login to uEducateUs on a web browser with your normal username and password.

  • Click My Profile

Remove PIN from all my devices

  • Click PIN Login.

  • Click Remove PIN from all my devices

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