Privileges > Assign a new principal

This tutorial is for Administrators who are Principals

An Administrator user who is identified as a Principal has the following extra privileges:

  • Manage all Case Note permissions and categories by default.

  • Manage all Incident permissions by default.

  • Create new periods for their Campus.

  • Add Principal comments to Semester Reports.

  • Assign a new principal for their campus to replace them.

These steps must be completed by the outgoing principal before they leave.

Before you start

  • Public schools should confirm the new principal has been imported from Cases21.

Step one: login as a principal

The principal must login to their account using these instructions.


Step two: view campuses

  • Click Management > School > Campus.

Step three: assign a new principal

  • Click on your campus > Edit

  • Choose a new Administrator user from the Principal field.

  • Click Save.

Step four: disable teacher login (optional)

If a principal is no longer teaching, we recommend their teacher account is disabled to avoid miscommunication.

  • Click Management > People > Teachers.

  • Click > Disable on the teacher account.

  • Click Ok on the confirmation message.

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