Classes > change teachers

This tutorial is for Administrators

You can assign one or more teachers to any class. Each assigned teacher can do the following:

  • Access the class’s attendance rolls and mark student attendance.

  • Create and mark Tasks for the class.

  • Create Permission Slips for the class.

  • Create their own comments for student Progress and Semester reports.

Step one: view classes


  • Click Management > School > Classes

Step two: view class teachers

  • Click > Edit for the class.

  • Click Teachers.

Step three: add a teacher (optional)

  • Click Add teachers

  • Tick each teacher to add.

  • Click Add Selected

  • Click Go back to: Modify class.

Step four: set main teacher

A main teacher can book interviews, appear on semester report front covers and may be set as the author of student comments.

  • Click the switch to Yes in the Is main teacher column.

Step five: remove teachers (optional)

A class must have at least one teacher.

  • Click Remove on the teacher.

  • Click Remove in the confirmation message.

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